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SALVAGE MASTERS is an ongoing international TV series about ship salvage and wreck removal around the world. 

It is a unique television documentary series filmed on location around great ship disasters and wrecks across the globe. Each episode tells the story of women and men whose boundless energy, engineering know-how and inventiveness bring these ships back to life.

From the Mediterranean to the frozen Canadian steppe, from the Greek islands to the gaping hole in the ground beneath the World Trade Center, these documentaries tell the unknown tales of ships of today and yesterday. 

the film
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Access is the key to telling the stories of ship disasters and securing unique footage of wrecks at sea. 

With extensive experience in nautical storytelling, Millstream Films & Media has developed longstanding relationships with salvors, salvage companies, divers, archeologists and wreck removers. 

Millstream Films is specialised in maritime stories and is uniquely poised for access to the ships and wrecks, both underwater and on land where they are repaired or restored.  

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