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​    ● Finding the Graf Zeppelin

   ● World Trade Center Ship

   ● Masters of the Kursk 







   ● Raising Maud

   ● Wild Coast

   ● Splash Down


   ● Norman Atlantic



   ● Rig on the Rocks


   ● Boat of Doom

   ● SOS Syracuse


   ● Cabo de Hornos

   ● Ariane and her Sisters


   ● La Belle


   ● El Faro

   ● Sigma



"Finding the Graf Zeppelin" tells the incredible story of Germany's first and last aircraft-carrier, from its construction to its sinking and its amazing discovery at the bottom of the sea five decades later.

A wooden cargo ship, frozen in time in the very foundations of the World Trade Center., appeared out of the rubble of the most horrific terror attack in the western world. It provides a glimpse of the very roots of the greatest trading city in the world.

In this unique tale of maritime engineering, ship salvage meets space technologyas a crew of salvors recovers a European Space Agency experimental space shuttle from the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The swift and succesful salvage of the Transocean Winner oil rig from the rugged, barren coastline of a remote Scottish island prevented a disastrous environmental catastrophe. This episode reveals how the rig got stuck and how salvage experts used the moon and tides to their favour to free it from it perilous position. 

The exclusive haunting story of the complex raising and salvage of the doomed migrant boat that sunk in April 2015 carrying more than 700 people in one of Europe’s worst tragedies at sea. Featuring never seen before footage and exclusive interviews with the men who carried out this ghastly salvage in the middle of the Mediterranean.

When a chemical tanker crashed into the rocks in a marine reserve near Syracuse, Smit Salvage and Fratelli Neri came to the rescue saving the pristine shoreline from an envrinmental catastrophe.

The delicate refloating operation of the Chilean Navy survey vessel Cabo de Hornos, which got slammed into the shore of after a Tsunami triggered by a 8.8 Earthquake.

In summer of 2013, the Dutch government began an extraordinary campaign to clean out the nation’s channels of old shipwrecks, silent dangers rusting under the surface for decades. This episode tracks the clearing of Dutch navigation channels from four dangerous underwater hazards in order to foster safer sea transport. 

This nautical archeology documentary tells the whole story of La Belle, the small ship in the fleet of French explorer Robert de La Salle, from its sinking off the coast of Texas in 1686 to its unique salvage, conservation and reconstruction.

The gripping story of the salvage of the black box of El Faro, the American cargo ship that went down near the Bahamas in Hurricane Joaquin with 33 men and women on board.

A  January storm pushed Ukrainian Cargo ship Sigma onto the most popular beach in Livorno, Italy. The citizens watched as Neri tugs struggled to pull it free in gale conditions.

The most difficult salvage of all time. Dutch salors from Smit and Mammoet raise the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk from the bottom of the Barents sea, while cutting off its thick steal nose. 

In production. 

The largest salvage ever includes an epic parbuckling of the most famous wreck after the Titanic, under the heroic leadership of Salvage Master Nik Sloane.

The amazing refloat of Roald Amundson's exploration ship from Arctic waters.

Massive machines lift a broken cargo vessel off the beach in East London, South Africa.

The daring rescue of passenger from the burning deck of an Adriatic sea ferry whose fire is extinguished by three tug boats.

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